According to B.J.S Bureau of Justice Statistics
“The majority of jailed inmates at year-end 2016 were male (85%) and age 18 or older (99%). The percentage of female inmates increased from 2000 (11%) – 2016 (15%). The percentage of black inmates, still very high, compared to other states and national average, even it declined from 41% in 2000 to 34% in 2016

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Young people find themselves in a unique role in our society, with an acute perception of the realities that surround them. They are filled with energy and eager to “get involved.”

They are deeply concerned with the problems confronting their families and friends and exhibit genuine enthusiasm when given an opportunity to help.  This enthusiasm, however, can quickly turn to apathy, anger, and contempt when the youth are denied meaningful roles in shaping their futures. They review this denial of confidence by adults with disdain, and too often, react by drifting aimlessly into the folds of delinquency and crime.

The systematic deprivation of respect felt by many youths can be counteracted. By affording them the opportunity to make serious decisions about their present state cooperatively. Youth development programs will provide young adults with avenues towards self- determination, and recognition in their community.

Traditional barriers between the community and the youth can also be dismantled through the mutual sponsorship and implementation of needed community projects. The privilege of working with young people merely succeeds in getting them “off the streets” when someone becomes committed. To positively liberate the energies of our youth, any related program must respect the child enough to place responsibility and trust in their hands.


The Reconstruction Of a Village is a not for profit youth empowerment organization opened to the youth between the ages of 13 years to 21 years of age. Our organization provides various programs and assistance that will prepare our young people with opportunities for their future. TROV is committed to social change, early intervention, building bridges, and knocking down barriers that lie between the youth and the community. Our organization will allow the young people to confront the problems and concerns that plague society, by providing the tools, education. And inspiration they need to succeed in tomorrow’s changing world.

Our Goals

It is our goal to effectively reach out to the young adults in our diverse communities and rid them of the environmental alienation. Additionally, it is the aspiration of the organization to show them survival skills to prepare them for the future. Furthermore, the objective is to divert them from criminal behavior, drug abuse, and related problems. Building new community programs, increases their enthusiasm for democracy in all levels of government, through the mediums of establishing a positive relationship between young adults and the community making way for our next generation of leaders.


Our objectives derived from the concerns of the community. Our strength comes from the support of community-based organizations, elective officials, and clergy. Our program is viable, with everyone collectively working together to mend our village

  • Channel our youths’ energy into positive initiatives that will prevent them from becoming a part of the criminal justice system.
  • Becoming a part of our community youth educational development by providing time and space and assistance to the youth by encouraging them to read, write mathematical and research skills through the internet and library. Visiting various colleges and promoting college fairs to support higher learning.
  • Successfully minimizing the youth chance of becoming apart of the criminal justice system with early intervention programs, while they understand the laws that govern them. Lead by retired and active members of various parts of the judicial system, and law professors.
  • Encourage our youth to get involved with democracy, civic engagement leads to reduced risky behavior, increased success in school and leads to higher civic participation later in life.
  • Keeping the youth busy through sports, recreational events while building confidence and self-esteem.
  • Peer counseling, peer groups discussing pressing matters that affect their lives, family, health, homelessness, crime, bullying, and the interaction with authorities interaction.

Boot Camp

Idle youth, risky behavior, violence, and failing in school who are at risk of entering or re-entering the juvenile justice system. Boot- camp deters our youth from violence and deviant behavior, encouraging the growth of healthy communities, through system peer accountability, to turn their lives away from unsafe and damaging behavior and toward college, community participation and success.

The Boot-camp curriculum includes career planning; field trips both to cultural sites and locations meant to serve as deterrents to negative behavior such as prisons, hospitals, and Saturday military drills.


Structured environment


Uniformed military drills


Shock program: (visits to courts, prisons, funeral homes, hospital trauma unit)


Peer counseling


Community service





Our desire and goal are to combat juvenile delinquency, crime, and most over incarceration. Young people will become knowledgeable of the criminal justice system; we will educate the youth on social and personal responsibility and accountability. TROV training program teaches the aspects of the criminal justice system. Youth court is a voluntary initiative all participants will learn and handle real-life cases involving their community and peers. The training teaches and focuses on the roles of the court’s judge, attorney, juror, and bailiff.

As they understand the standards of appropriate behaviors, by using positive peer pressure sending a message there are consequences that young people need to take responsibility for their action, we are offering restorative justice.
There is already numerous successful youth court in the city, we have modeled some of our teachings on this foundation with enhancements, and improvements combined with TROVS other supported initiatives. Our service provides a complete package to rehabilitation for a better tomorrow.

Young kings and queens

Leaders of tomorrow our future voters young people preparing the next generation with opportunities that will educate and inspire them to become principled leaders, policy analysts, advocates, become community via education and training. Exposing them to the process that develops national policies. The goal is to increase youth participation and representation in all levels of government. Using these tools, leadership training, workshops, Internship in local and state government, field trips, mock legislative hearings.


Youth civic engagement is “Kids giving back” making a difference in the civic life of the community. Youth civic participation is imperative in a democracy. Getting the youth involved in political- non-political issues, and other social issues that concern their quality of life. Through weekly training session and volunteering within the community, the youth will learn about values, the problems they face and how to address their concerns with skills knowledge and motivation to make a difference.


Male or Female 13 years – 21 Years of age, show progress in school have a desire for social change, maintain a grade A attitude towards life, must complete the 8 – week training course, must give a 1 – year commitment.




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